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CFA F 10,000 banknote

The themes of the range of banknotes issued by the BCEAO reflect the openness and solidarity of the member states of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU).

Characteristics of the CFA F 10,000 banknote

10000 fcfa

Designs on the front

To symbolize the openness of the states of the Union, the theme on the front is linked to the development of “new information and communication technologies”.

This theme is represented, in the foreground, by a satellite dish, a satellite and an “at sign” (@). In the background, there is a stylized design of integrated circuits. The designs are linked together by a drawing of electromagnetic waves propagated in the air.

10000 fcfa

Designs on the back

The back of the banknote shows the forest, one of the typical geographic areas in the WAEMU zone, in which a pair of birds can be seen.

The bird species is the turaco, which is commonly sighted in the forests of West Africa and can be recognized by its green crest, edged in black, with a subterminal border in white. Its scientific name is "Tauraco macrorhynchus".


The dimensions of the banknote are 74 mm by 145 mm.

The dominant colour

The dominant colour of the CFA F 10,000 banknote is purple.

New features

  • The paper is dyed in the dominant colour of the banknote: purple;
  • The format has been made smaller, so that the banknote is more practical;
  • There is no longer a white border around the banknote;
  • The portrait usually found on the back of the banknotes was replaced by the Central Bank logo of the sawfish, symbol of fertility and prosperity in African mythology.

Security features

In light of the development of image reproduction technology, the aim is to prevent counterfeit by integrating a higher level of security.

The security features on the CFA F 10,000 note are as follows :

  1. A discontinuous holographic stripe, on which can be seen the Central Bank logo of a stylized sawfish or the face value in figures, according to the angle at which the banknote is tilted;
  2. The face value on the front of the note is printed in colour-shifting ink, which changes from pink to green and vice versa depending on the angle;
  3. Two watermarks, which respectively represent the Central Bank logo and the face value in figures;
  4. When the banknote is held up to the light, the two incomplete portions of the face value, located in the upper left corner of the front and the upper right corner of the back, fit together perfectly;
  5. A security thread, discontinuously overprinted with the face value in figures and “UMOA” (WAMU, in French);
  6. Miniature characters on the back of the note showing the face value in figures;
  7. Embossed designs on the front of the note, including the logo and the face value in figures in the upper right corner.

10000 fcfa