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National Credit Councils

The National Credit Councils review the operating conditions of the banking and financial system in the country, especially in terms of customer relations and management of means of payment and terms for financing economic activity.

A National Credit Council may be consulted on any monetary or credit-related issue. It shall issue opinions and may commission studies, as needed.

Each National Credit Council comprises :

  • The Minister of Finance,
  • The Representative of the Central Bank,
  • One or several members of the Monetary Policy Committee, who shall be nationals of the member State concerned,
  • Four members appointed by the Government of the member State concerned, including the Director of the Public Treasury,
  • One member appointed by the Economic and Social Council,
  • The president of the professional association of banks and financial institutions and another member appointed by the association,
  • Three members appointed by the chambers of commerce,
  • Two members appointed by consumers’ associations representing the interests of customers of banks and financial institutions,
  • Two members appointed by universities and research centres,
  • Four high-ranking officers appointed intuitu personae by the Monetary Policy Committee, based on their competence in the economic, monetary, financial, legal or accounting disciplines.

Each National Credit Council is chaired by the Minister of Finance.

Governor of the BCEAO

Mr. Jean Claude Kassi BROU
Governor of the BCEAO

Mr. Jean Claude Kassi BROU
Governor of the BCEAO