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CFA F 2000 banknote

On October 20, 2003, the Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) put a CFA F 2,000 banknote into circulation.

Characteristics of the CFA F 2,000 banknote

2000 fcfa

Designs on the front

CFA F 2,000 banknote - front

Like the CFA F 10,000 banknote, the main design on the front of the CFA F 2,000 banknote is the BCEAO logo, namely a stylized sawfish, which is a symbol of fertility and prosperity in African mythology.

To underscore the importance of communication channels in the sub-regional integration process, the front of the banknote is illustrated with a public transport coach crossing a bridge over a river, a modern train and an aircraft in takeoff. In the background, there is an airport.

2000 fcfa

Designs on the back

CFA F 2,000 banknote - back

The back of the banknote shows the sea with two fish. The species represented is the grouper.


The dimensions of the banknote are 66 mm by 130 mm.

The dominant colour

The dominant colour of the banknote is blue.

Security features on the CFA F 2,000 banknote

Security features incorporated in these banknotes can be authenticated by looking at them, tilting them or touching them :

  1. The logo of the Central Bank, the sawfish, and the face value in figures appear in watermarks;
  2. The face value in figures is printed, on the front, in the upper left-hand corner, and on the back, in the upper right, with designs that align perfectly when the banknotes are held up to the light;
  3. A security thread, discontinuously overprinted with miniature characters alternately representing “UMOA” (WAMU, in French) and the face value in figures, can be seen across the top of both banknotes;
  4. Miniature characters on the back of both banknotes show the face value in figures;
  5. On the back, a vertical, reflective strip (a yellow/grey, bicolour, iridescent strip), is inscribed with the face value in figures;
  6. On the front, the Central Bank logo, the friezes surrounding the logo, and the face values in figures and in letters are embossed and are tactually perceptible.
2000 fcfa